Delivering projects, programmes, and PMOs

Pro4 specialises in leading successful, outcome driven transformation programmes by working with internal teams to accomplish business change

With the focus firmly on realising benefits, Pro4 is committed to providing effective, high quality delivery services and measuring success against a clear set of objectives and goals.

A highly interactive approach with strong visual communications engages all stakeholders and ensures transparency throughout the programme. By working closely with each customer organisation, internal resources are optimised and responsibility can ultimately be transferred to in-house teams.

Through flexible, efficient and reliable delivery, Pro4 has developed strong, long term relationships with customers across many sectors including: travel, energy, telcoms, IT, media, banking, law and retail.

In fact, there are no aspects of delivering multiple services over a common network that we don't know.

Four steps to managing & delivering change

Pro4 combines strong leadership and pragmatism with effective tools to reach a successful and beneficial outcome to business transformation.

This dynamic approach starts by defining the programme structure and establishing a consistent framework. A rich visual format is then developed to engage stakeholders and support the call to action.

By leveraging the strengths of internal teams, change can be embedded and responsibility transferred to in house operations as and when appropriate.

A rapid view of the programme status can be presented using Kivue Perform - proprietary software which transforms project portfolio performance with concise, visually engaging intelligence to inform sponsors, stakeholders and the business leadership team.

  • Accelerates delivery
  • Accelerates benefit realisation
  • Reduces cost of delivery
  • Brings the programme to life
  • Bridges Business & Technology gap
Boost Start

Boost Start is a stimulating and innovative approach to shape, define and accelerate mobilisation of the programme. During this period, Pro4 generates the all important momentum and confidence needed from stakeholders through visualisation techniques which promote engaging interaction, drive confidence and accelerate the programme.

Visualising the programme from end to end in a dedicated Boost Activity Room (BAR) is a simple yet powerful way to communicate and gain engagement with those who are key to successful delivery.

Setting the scene ready to move on to mobilisation and delivery, the BAR is an open and live programme environment for all to access.

  • Strong early engagement
  • High quality leadership solutions
  • Optimise internal teams
  • Commitment to effective delivery
  • Communicate using visualisation
  • Deliver outcomes and benefits
Mobilise & Deliver

The Pro4 mission is to reach successful outcomes for every programme. Providing expertise, strong leadership and independence, Pro4 programme leadership solutions ensure all resources are in position, governance is effective, schedules are met and benefits are realised.

Focusing on core tasks and avoiding over-complication, the Pro4 team keeps the programme on track and drives momentum. Clearly defined statements of work confirm exactly what will be delivered and when.

By working towards an agreed vision using a straightforward approach, Pro4 achieves tangible results.

Innovations & Tools
Your project room

Pro4 has a range of tools, frameworks and innovations for planning, resource management, risk and issue management, reporting, governance and document management.

We will bring your programme to life in a visual and format so that anyone can understand and buy into it, giving it the critical success ingredients of confidence and momentum.

Visualisation Factory

For a presentation, concept, customer communiqué or any other communication, the Pro4 Visualisation Factory is a specialist programme communications hub producing visually compelling material which has been proven to bring a subject to life and effectively convey key messages to target audiences.

Portfolio Performance Intelligence

Pro4 uses Kivue Perform, a cloud based portfolio and programme performance management software solution. It is visually engaging for the target audience of programme and portfolio insights, user friendly and easy to use for the delivery teams.

Perform provides concise, real-time data in a powerful visual format to stimulate decision-making, prioritisation and action from all key stakeholders including senior executives, portfolio leadership and the project management community.

About Pro4
Rupert Taylor

Rupert Taylor has led professional services businesses for over 20 years and specialises in steering and advising on senior level stakeholder management and supporting leadership teams to understand and deliver their vital leadership roles, both individually and collectively as a team to lead successful projects, programmes and portfolios.

His roles before establishing Pro4 included running complex, cross functional programmes for European triple play operators; Managing Director of the London Interconnect Group (LIG); and MD of Videotron's B2B business.

Stuart Robertson

Stuart Robertson has held senior management positions in major telecommunications providers with a broad range of responsibilities. Positions before Pro4 included setting up and running a programme office for the EMEA operations of a global telecoms provider; establishing a business telecoms division for a major telecoms operator; and leading a network design and operation teams for highly successful operators in Spain and France.


Pro4 delivers effective change management in many industries such as travel, energy, IT, media, law and retail. However, due to the co-founders extensive background and experience in telecoms, it does offer particularly in-depth expertise in this sector. We have worked with many customers

  • Adapt
  • British Gas
  • Cameron McKenna
  • Centrebridge
  • EE
  • Ericsson
  • HG Capital
  • Infinity SDC
  • Jersey Telecom
  • Lattelecom
  • ONO
  • Peel Holdings
  • Providence Equity
  • RPC
  • Telefonica O2
  • The Blackstone Group
  • Truphone
  • Unisys
  • UPC
  • Verizon Business International
  • Virgin Media
  • Vodafone
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